Big Boy Achterasbevestiging 16 Inch Unisex Black

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The Big Boy is a very robust and sturdy bike trailer, which is suitable both for your daily transport, as well as for weekend trips or holidays. The advantages of the Big Boy are its removable plastic bucket with a capacity of 90 liters, its 16″ wire wheels with spoke reflectors and aluminium rims, its strong frame, its own weight of about 12 kg and a maximum load of 40 kg. So if you are looking for a spacious trailer, which can also handle a bump and is also easy to use, then the Big Boy is made for you. Big Boy with rear axle mount Own weight: 13 kg Outer dimensions: 155 x 67 x 85 cm Plastic bucket: 84 x 51 x 32 cm Container capacity: 90 litres Color: black Wheel Size: 16 inches Maximum load capacity 40 kg, with one bicycle Maximum load capacity 100 kg, as a trolley


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