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Cycling amid COVID-19

As lockdown restrictions lift people will be considering returning to work and this means public transport will become crowded again whilst there is anticipation of a second wave. There’s no better time to take up cycling. With advice to avoid public transport and cars rightly banned from a lot of city centers, cycling will help people get back to work safely. Current Government advice is ‘to consider all other forms of transport before using public transport’ making cycling a practical option for many commuters.

So it’s time to get out those rusting bikes from the shed into service. There are many benefits of switching to cycling. Cycling is good for your well-being, good for the environment, does not require the search for parking and is cost-effective.

Before lockdown many cities around the world had become hard to navigate due to congestion with some having introduced schemes to encourage people to take up the bike. The UK Government has pledged £2 billion towards improving provision for cyclists and pedestrians whilst Transport for London allows you to plan cycling routes with lots of information on its website and app. Councils around the country have cycling programs to support their citizens. With these initiatives there’s no better time to make cycling a lasting habit – so why not give cycling a go and share your stories with us? 🙂

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