toothed belt CenterTrack CDX 111 teeth carbon black

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Gates toothed belt With a toothed belt you are assured of a durable and low-maintenance solution. The toothed belt requires no oil and is also mud and dirt repellent and easy to clean with water. Because of the toothed belt, your bike runs wonderfully quietly The CDX version is made for high loads and optimal performance. You can use it for mountain bikes, e-bikes (front, middle and rear) and trekking bikes. The belt is suitable for all weather conditions and all types of roads due to the carbon fibre reinforced mucosal polyurethane. (operating temperature from -53°C to +85°C) Technical data: System: Gates CDX Tooth spacing: 11 mm Width: 12 mm Length: 1221 mm Specifications: Type of bike: atb / mtb, electric bikes Material: polyurethane, carbon, polyamide Colour: black Number of teeth: 111 teeth Belt length: 1221 mm Suitable for: – Gates CDX gears – Gates CDX:EXP gears


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