Space No.1 12 Inch 18 cm Boys Coaster Brake Red

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RoyalBaby Space No.1 children’s RoyalBaby The Space No.1 is a real boy bike. The bike looks super tough and comes with a bicycle bell, bidon with bidon holder and detachable side wheels. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with safe V-brakes. General specifications: Color: red Gender: boys Material frame: aluminum Material rim: steel Wheel size: 12 inch Frame size: 18 cm Steering wheel: fixed Seatpin resilient: no Front fork resilient: no Gears: no Weight: approx. 8.5 kg Braking specifications: Type of front brake: V-brake Type of rear brake: Retractor brake Specifications Lighting: Lighting for: Reflector Backlight: Reflector Specifications Accessories: Chain case: Closed Bicycle bell: Yes Side wheels: Yes, detachable Bidon with bidon holder: Yes


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