Ring lock RL Defender topboutbevestiging ART-2 black

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AXA ring lock RL Defender The AXA Defender frame lock ring lock is a high quality and innovative design by the possibility of stabbing a plug in cable or chain in the side of the slot and thus connect your bike to a fixed object. So you make sure you’re up to protect your bike against theft. Because of your new bike course you want to be able to stay as long as possible to enjoy! The lock has the ability to plug-ins with a reinforced steel insert peg 10mm such as AXA in chain RLC for Defender RL and RLC100. specifications: Mark: ART-2 Plug-in capability: yes Opening width: 50 mm Weight: 640 grams Colour Black Material inside: steel Shell material: plastic Fixing: topbout Content: 1 Ringlock 2 Keys


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