outer tyre Racing Ralph 29 x 2.10 (54-622) black

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Schwalbe outdoor tyre Racing Ralph This tire Schwalbeis made to race with. The tread has a low set of studs. This ensures low rolling resistance and still enough grip when you need it. The outer studs are used when you need to take a sharp turn. That’s why the studs are a little higher. ADDIX SPEED is the compound for XC racers. It gives our XC tyre an enormous boost towards an even higher level of performance For those who believe it can be done even faster, here’s the answer. ADDIX Speed likes only one thing: speed. Rolling resistance will be tackled once again. It is lower than the current Pacestar, at the same time ADDIX Speed can be loaded more and lasts longer. Specifications Inch size: 29 x 2.10 ETRTO size: 54-622 Type of bike: MTB Type of tyre: folding tyre Reflection: no Colour: black Material: rubber Tyre pressure: 2.00 – 4.00 Bar (30 – 55 psi) EPI: 127 Weight: 560 grams Product Type: HS490 Rubber mixture: Addix Speed Version: SnakeSkin, TLE Inner tubes: 19, 19A, 19F


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