lighting set VectorLS300 & LS740 30 lux black 2-part

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Trelock Vector lighting set A powerful and complete lighting package for your favourite bike. Trelockcombines the 60 lux strong LS 300 I-GO Vector60 headlight and the compact LS 740 I-GO Vectorrear light. Both light units are easy to charge via USB. The headlight has visibility of up to 2750 metres, so nothing escapes your eyes. Specifications: Colour: black Colour light: red, white Gender: unisex Material: plastic Lighting type:LED Illuminance: 10 to 30 lux Illumination range: from 45 to 2750 metres Power supply: Lithium-ion battery (included) Battery life light: 10 hours Rear light battery life: 10 hours Rechargeable: yes Contents: 1 Information 1 Taillight


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