drinking bottle Thermo Tanka350 ml stainless steel chrome/black

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ECOtanka Thermo Tanka drinking bottle The ECOtankadrinking bottles are made of stainless steel and are therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic and aluminium bottles. They are equipped with a reducer, which reduces the drinking opening. This makes it easier to drink from the bottle without spilling. Because of the double wall, hot drinks remain delicious hot and cold drinks nice and fresh. The bottles can easily be sterilized with boiling water. However, they are not suitable for use in the freezer. It Thermo Tankahas a long lifespan, no coating and can be 100% recycled! Specifications: Model Thermo Tanka Gender: unisex, junior Drinking bottle material: stainless steel Material cap: polypropylene BPA-free: yes Height without closure: 18.7 cm Diameter: 7.2 cm Contents: 350 ml Weight: 210 grams Leakproof: yes Dishwasher safe: yes Color cap: black Body colour: chrome Content: 1 Drinking bottle 1 Reduction clasp


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