disinfection Cytexspray Sept 500 ml

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Cyclon Cytex Sept disinfection spray Cytex is a disinfection spray for rapid and effective disinfection of various materials. Cytexis developed on the basis of isopropanol and ethanol and has a strength of 70% Ethyl Alcohol. This makes it Cytexextremely suitable for disinfecting your hands. does not Cytexcontain strong solvents Spray a little disinfectant on your hands and rub it all over until your hands are completely dry again. Rinsing with water is not necessary. You can also spray it on the material to be disinfected or apply with a microfibre cloth and let it evaporate. The product is developed for disinfecting hands, sales counters, pin devices, door handles, shopping trolleys, handlebars, handles (no leather handles) and top handlebars and brackets Specifications: Brand Type: cytex Contents: 0.5 liter Material: plastic Colour: transparent


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