Bing 12 Inch 21 cm Boys Fixed Gear Red

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Dino Bing boy’s bike It’Dino Bings a spectacular boy’s bike. The bike looks super nice and comes with a steering board, bottle cage and removable side wheels. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with a safe squeeze brake so you can quickly come to a stop. Where do you tear tomorrow? General specifications: Colour: red Gender: boys Frame material: steel Rim material: steel Wheel size: 12 inch Frame size: 21 cm Handlebar stem: adjustable Seat post sprung: no Front fork suspension: no Gears: 1 Lighting: none Weight: approx. 9 kg Brake specifications: Front brake type: pinch brake Rear brake type: pedal-assisted Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Steering board: yes Mudguard: yes Side wheels: yes, detachable Bottle with bottle cage: yes


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