Balance Bike Unisex Black

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With the Skatey Balance Bike you can easily and quickly swish on the road. The electrically driven Balance Bike goes forward by leaning slightly forward and you brake easily by bringing your weight backwards. Riding this environmentally friendly electric unicycle is quick and easy. After that, the powerful battery allows you to comfortably cover short but also long distances of up to 40 km. Riding this electric unicycle is not only easy but also very nice. The Skatey Balance Bike is convenient, fast, agile and mobile. It has a top speed of 20 kilometres per hour and is equipped with front and rear lights. Experience this great fun factor and improve your sense of balance! Specifications: Color: black Gender: unisex Material: plastic Wheels: 17 inch Weight: 45 kg Maximum speed: 20 km/h Maximum distance: 40 km Charging time: 8 hours Maximum load capacity: 150 kg Content: 1 Balance Bike 1 Charger 1 Manual


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