outer tyre Marathon 28 x 2.00 (50-622) black

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Schwalbe Marathon outdoor tyre The primeval father of all high quality touring tyres. The GreenGuard layer made of extremely elastic natural rubber is three mm thick. The GreenGuard is manufactured partly from recycled latex products. The Anti-Aging sidewall endures the typical overload caused by under-inflated tyres significantly longer before cracks appear. All Marathonmodels are suitable for your e-bike (E25). The main dimensions Marathonare tested and approved (E50) for e-bikes up to 50 km/h. Specifications: Inch size: 28 x 2.00 ETRTO size: 50-622 Type of strap: wire strap Rubber mixture: Endurance Version: GreenGuard Colour: black Reflection: yes Skin: Twin Weight: 1080 grams Tyre pressure: 2.50 – 5.00 Bar (35 – 70 psi) EPI: 67 E-Bike: E-50 Profile: HS420 Inner tubes:19, 19A


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